Hannah Szabo

Writer & Editor

Hannah began working with Flow as a volunteer while teaching English in Brazil, and within a few months she was running the Production team. She's returned to Brazil with her significant other and though she's no longer at Flow, she'll always be a part of our history.

The Top Secret Ways Influencers Edit Their Writing


Editing takes time and demands focused attention. For those of you looking to beef up your digital platforms but struggling to hit publish, take heart. These are the tried & true editing secrets we use at our personal branding agency to help influencers edit their writing.

Leadership In The Digital Age: How NOT To Get Left Behind


As a leader in the digital age, your technical skills, IQ, and EQ are entry-level requirements for the role. Leaders today need online platforms or they risk falling behind.

Why Flow is the First Step In Building Your Digital Platform


Flow engineered a process designed to help influencers build their digital platforms and elevate their expertise. This bridges influencers to more opportunities such as book sales, speaking engagements, and industry recognition.

How to Influence People Online


You already know how to influence others in your daily, in-person interactions, but do you know how to influence people online?

How To Write A Bio


Your bio will be the first (and maybe only) impression most people have of you, so make sure yours is on-point. This is a step-by-step list of questions you must ask to write an impressive bio.

Why You Should Not Become An Influencer


There’s no hacking your way to influence. Regardless of the scale you hope to achieve by becoming an influencer, you must understand that influence isn’t about you. It’s about the people you’re talking to. Here's how to tell if your motivation is wrong.

The Introvert’s Guide To Becoming An Influencer


Your ability to make a difference isn’t tied to your Myers Briggs. It’s tied to your ability to use natural strengths to influence others. Learn how introversion can be used as an advantage when developing influence, plus a few practical tips for introverts who want to become influencers.

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