Persephone Tenorio

Apprentice and Live Chat Agent

Persephone is Flow's O.G. apprentice and live chat agent. She's been with us from the start!

How to Increase Your Chat Engagement by 67-85% With a Proactive Chat Strategy


Easy to follow steps to build a proactive chat strategy for your business that boosts your visitors’ engagement.

Live Chat Metrics That Really Matter


Practical advice on strategies that work for chatbots and live chat agents from a company that implements them both.

How to Get a Customer-Obsessed Reputation With Live Chat


Here are five ways to develop your company’s reputation of being all about the customer.

4 Reasons Your Company Should Ditch Phone-Based Customer Service


The call center industry is a dying breed. Here are four reasons your company needs to cut the phone cord and convert to live chat customer support.

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