Help your friends become Flow influencers and earn rewards.

We’re on a mission to help business scale profit and purpose.


Over the years, you’ve built a network with niche industry experts. They have amazing stories and want to help others by sharing their message. You are someone whose introductions they trust, and we want to reward you for doing so. That’s where our referral program comes in, making it simple and worthwhile for you to earn rewards for introducing us to potential influencers in your network.

Every Referral: Up to $2k


We pay you a referral fee of up to $2,000 (depending on the service) for every person you refer who signs up for an annual plan with us. The cash is yours to do as you please: take it as cash, apply it as credit for future work with Flow, or tell us to donate it to the charity of your choice.



Jeff Signs Up as a Referral Partner

Jeff is a perfect fit for the Referral Partner program because he has a big network and active social media platforms like LinkedIn So he signs up to learn more.


We Help Jeff Assess His Network

We reach out to Jeff and throw some networking ideas back and forth.We create a plan for Jeff to determine who might be the perfect potential people in his network to introduce to our team.


Jeff Shares Flow with Megan Brown

Jeff thinks Megan Brown is the one of the best potential referrals to introduce to our team. He makes a quick email introduction and Flow starts chatting with Megan about her goals.


Megan’s Influencer Platform Is Born

Megan decides that scaling profit and purpose with Flow is the next step to increase her professional success. She signs on with Flow and Jeff earns his $2k referral fee.



Use Your Network to Identify Experts

We put together a quick and simple guide to help you identify potential influencers within your network. Or learn how to evaluate all of your LinkedIn connections at once with these instructions.


Reach out to Your List

Found some potential influencers? We recommend using this email template to share Flow with them and see if they might be interested in chatting with us.


Introduce them to Andy Seth

If someone from your list expresses interest and wants to learn more, use these templates to send them additional information.You can always introduce them to Shaye Moessner at as well.

Become A Referral Partner

We’re looking for influential people who have great networks that could benefit from working with us and who want to connect them to us. If you’re interested in becoming a Referral Partner, please complete this form and we’ll get in touch with next steps.