There’s nothing quite like having “Author” next to your name to skyrocket your credibility. With our Blog to Book service, we take the content you’ve already written for your blog and edit it into a final manuscript ready to be published.


Determine the Table of Contents

We’ll help you define the goal of your book, create a table of contents, outline each chapter, and align your editorial calendar with your table of contents. This makes your content do double duty: market you online via your blog and write a book.


Select Relevant Content

If you are new to Flow, we will publish content for two quarters and analyze which articles performed best to include those in your book. If you have existing blog content you’ve published with Flow, we’ll analyze those articles, identify content gaps, and align upcoming articles to fill in those gaps.


Edit Articles Into Chapters

Your Writer will go through your articles with a fine-toothed comb with an eye on the completeness, flow, and construction of ideas and stories. Your Writer will also provide suggestions and edits on each line in the book.


Deliver Final Manuscript

Once the revisions are finalized, your manuscript will be complete and ready to be published. You can self-publish, shop it with major publishers, or outsource the publishing process to one of our partners.


We turn your editorial calendar into a table of contents, then edit your blog posts into a publication-ready manuscript for you to submit to a book publishing service. Only available to Flow Content Studio clients.

2 monthly payments of


$5,000 total
Money-Back Guarantee

Let’s talk about writing your book.