What is Flow’s



01 Discovery

Your company’s brand development begins with a discovery meeting where we’ll explore your brand’s mission, purpose, potential, and target audience.

02 Strategy

Your marketing strategy is centered around your target audience, so this stage involves a deep-dive into your customer’s persona.

03 Brand Guidelines

Using what we know about your brand’s mission and target audience, our creative team will develop a full suite of brand guidelines.

04 Website Assessment

Your branding team examines your website for usability, design, and copy recommendations.


That was the 50,000 ft view. If you’d like to get more granular on the process and what to expect at each phase, read on:

How the Flow Branding Process Works

Step 1: Discovery

What We Do

Our branding process begins with a discovery meeting. This is where we’ll get to know your company inside and out — history, mission, purpose, and target client.

Your Creative Director will work with you to develop a brand story and narrative; this is the document we’ll refer to throughout to make sure we’re telling your company’s story in a way that matters to your target audience.

What We Expect You To Do

Be available for a meeting with your Creative Director. Come equipped with any existing materials that might be useful for us to work from (e.g., current brand guidelines, logos, customer avatar, etc.).

Step 2: Marketing Strategy

What We Do

Now that we understand your company’s history and mission, we’ll zero in on your target clientele.

In this series of meetings (usually 2-3), you’ll explore and define everything that matters to your audience. We’ll discuss their pain points, objections, values, and desires. At the end of our meetings, we’ll have a detailed understanding of what makes your clients tick — and how to talk to them so your messaging matters.

What We Expect You To Do

Be available for 2-3 meeting with your Creative Director. Be ready for deep discussion. Some of our clients have never done this sort of analysis and the results can be surprising!

Step 3: Brand Guidelines

What We Do

It’s time to visually tie it all together. The look and feel of your brand — including the font, logo, colors, and word choice — are just as much a part of your message as the actual words you write.

In this step, our creative team will produce your muse, dos and don’ts, mission, logo usage, social media voice, and more. We’ll also select the font families that mesh with your message (modern? edgy? conservative? traditional?) and a list of adjectives that will drive all copywriting.

At the end, we’ll hand over your new company bible: your brand guidelines document.

What We Expect You To Do

Be available for meetings to provide us insights into your mission, products/services, and audience. Then we’ll need your help to thoroughly review your new brand guidelines document.

Step 4: Website Assessment

What We Do

This stage involves a thorough analysis of your primary website pages (i.e., landing pages accessed through your site’s main navigation menu).

Our team will examine every detail, from image selection to CTAs to design elements, and provide our feedback and recommendations. In addition, we’ll give ideas for revamped copywriting to ensure your audience understands (and cares about) your purpose, products, and mission.

What We Expect You To Do

Receive the document and let us know what questions you have based on our recommendations. We’re happy to advise on services we can provide as well as reputable vendors to assist where needed.

Let’s talk about building your brand.