We’re big on the power of brand guidelines here at Flow. Without them, marketing budgets get drained, creative teams suffer, and brands live way out in the ether, impossible to pinpoint, and even more difficult to evolve.

Apothecanna is a cannabis topicals company based in Denver, CO. With a background in traditional plant medicine, their founding team had the bright idea to start Apothecanna after experimenting and discovering the healing abilities of CBD applied topically. 

Since then, Apothecanna’s line has expanded to include 16 products dedicated to preparation, performance, and recovery. Apothecanna gained a cult following during their ten-year tenure as the “OG” cannabis topicals brand. After a decade of exploring brand identity, the brand decided there was no better time to document and align on their ethos as they approached the cusp of their next decade.

The Branding Challenge

In Deven’s words, Apothecanna needed “more than just brand guidelines.” They needed a guide to help them sort through the layers of identity that had developed over the past ten years.

The team had a strong knowledge of their product and incredible customer relations, but the path to consolidating the brand’s vision wasn’t crystal clear. Further, Deven realized his team had “lots of variations on Apothecanna’s core values.”

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With an opportunity to pursue international expansion on the table, they decided to take action. For future marketing endeavors, they wanted to increase efficacy and to save valuable time, effort, and marketing dollars.

The Solution: Flow + Brandbeat

Bringing it all together with Flow was, “kind of like professional therapy,” said Deven. “Everyone on the leadership team came together,” he adds. Determined to get on the same page, they persevered through the five-part BrandBeat process, which included moderating vision and goals, outlining customer personas, and a deep dive into Apothecanna’s customer journey.

Deven said Flow was impressive, acting “as a mediator to guide us through a process. Forcing us to think through the hard questions before moving forward.” 

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Deven described Brandbeat as eye-opening. With Flow’s Creative Director, Shaye, as a facilitator, they established their: 

  • Core values
  • Brand personality
  • Brand story
  • Customer personas
  • Brand muse
  • Target market

With brand guidelines in hand, the leadership team charged ahead to make significant progress towards their goals. 

Brand Guidelines Bring Unity

After the process was complete, Apothecanna empowered their teams to move forward. While hiring new directors, the brand guidelines, “positioned our leadership to understand who would be a fit,” says Deven.

At the same time, Apothecanna continued its international expansion into Canada. A refined voice “fostered business to business relationships in the supply chain,” he explains. 

Deven sums up the most valuable result of Flow’s Brandbeat process:

We’ve always understood our products, formulas, and how they work for people. Where the BrandBeat shined was alignment and getting everyone on the same page about what makes the Apothecanna brand valuable.” 

It’s clear to Apothecanna that the Brandbeat process made an impact. In Deven’s words, “this process has saved us months of time and money.” He clarifies that branding makes: 

  • Briefing projects simple
  • Establishing relationships easy
  • Marketing campaigns consistent 

What The Future Looks Like For Apothecanna

Successful companies learn how to adapt to an ever-changing market. And Deven is excited for Apothecanna to be, “an evolving brand, but one that stays rooted in our values. One that knows who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going — and the BrandBeat process helped us do that.” 

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