We are excited to announce that as of August 2018, Flow is a Certified B Corporation®! Our team is proud to join the 2,614 companies across 150 industries and 60 countries in an effort to achieve 1 unified goal: use business as a force for good.

What is a B Corp™?

“Think of it this way: USDA certifies organic foods, and Good Housekeeping puts its seal of approval on quality products, like washing machines and skillets. And since 2006, a nonprofit organization called B Lab has been certifying corporations it deems to be concerned about their communities and the environment.”NPR

In other words, a B Corp™ is a new way of doing business. It means we are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our employees, clients, suppliers, community, and environment.

Why We Decided to Become a B Corp™

We believe that society’s toughest issues cannot be solved by government and nonprofits alone.

Our founding mission is to create digital marketing apprenticeships that prepare highly-motivated, under-skilled talent for digital marketing careers. We do this by putting a modern spin on the ancient Apprenticeship model, developing a labor model that pairs “master talent” with “emerging talent” (i.e. Apprentices).

To reinforce the commitment to our founding mission, we decided to officially certify as a B Corp™.

Our goal in certifying as a B Corp™ is to join the movement of businesses balancing profit with purpose, to build relationships, to amplify our voice, and to always protect our mission.

The Certification Process (and What it Means to Us)

More than simply filling out answers to a questionnaire, earning status as a B Corp™ required assessing and measuring the overall positive impact of our company on society.

We then had to achieve a minimum verified score on the B Impact Assessment. This assessment evaluated our impact on our employees, clients, community, suppliers, and the environment. In an effort to promote transparency, the results of our B Impact Report were made public on bcorporation.net.

Finally, we amended our legal governing documents to require the balance of profit and purpose, forever.

Although the process was rigorous, it speaks to the integrity of the certification and distinguishes Flow as a leader in providing digital marketing apprenticeships that upskill our nation’s workforce.