How It Works

For businesses with high after-hours traffic, Flow’s custom-built chatbot can answer FAQ and gather additional leads while your team is offline. Your company will continue to provide service and build your customer base 24/7. Our AI and machine learning technology continuously trains your chatbot to learn and improve recognition and answers.


After-hours chatbots are built from your existing knowledge base, so the setup and nominal monthly cost for this add-on chat service quickly pay for itself. You must be a current live chat client for this service.



Analyze Data

  • Review live chat transcripts
  • Identify FAQs that cover 80% of requests
  • Organize conversations into stories


Code & Customize

  • Determine which actions chatbot will take when dealing with a customer
  • Create conditional statements and databases
  • Integrate with email to trigger lead capture


Tweaks & Updates

  • Run live tests
  • Monitor chatbot’s transcripts
  • Make tweaks to bot’s responses

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