What is Flow’s

Content Marketing


01 Platform

Your Flow Team audits your blog, social media profiles, and backend tools to identify where you may be losing awareness and traffic. We will then build, repair, or refresh your platform.

02 Positioning

Your Producer conducts three deep-dive interviews to discuss your ideas and goals, identify your audience, and nail your messaging.

03 Outlining

Your Editor uses their research and any topics you contribute to create 15 article pitches. We’ll then meet with you to select 12 topics that will become your quarterly editorial calendar. We’ll set deadlines, hold you accountable, and monitor analytics and trends in your niche.

04 Capture

You meet with your Editor for regularly scheduled phone calls to be interviewed on the article’s topic and get all the knowledge and wisdom out of your head.

05 Create

Your Editor translates your interview into long-form articles and social media status updates made of your words and your voice. Your Designers create branded images for all your platforms.

06 Distribute

We tailor your social media campaign to you to ensure your content is seen by the right audience and helps achieve your established goals.

07 Analyze

Your Managing Editor will send you a monthly performance report so you can monitor content performance, growth of audience, and levels of engagement.

08 Blog to Book

Flow can edit your blog articles into a final manuscript for book publication. Repurpose content you’ve already created and have a book title under your belt. Learn More.


That was the 50,000 ft view. If you’d like to get more granular on the process and what to expect at each phase, read on:

How the Flow Content Marketing Process Works

Step 1: Platform

What We Do

Next, we build out your digital platform. We take your website and ensure your blog is set up correctly since this is your hub — it’s where you’ll build your audience. This includes:

  • Writing / editing your social media profiles
  • Creating a blog template using best practices
  • Adding plugins to optimize your blog for SEO and conversions
  • Formatting the blog to strategically place email opt-in forms
  • Creating and placing advertisements to your products and services

With your blog ready to rock, we then move to auditing your social media profiles. We’ll create/refresh your brand identity and write the content for those profiles. Then we’ll connect your profiles to advertising accounts so that you’re able to set a budget to boost content that’s working.

By matching your brand identity to your social media profiles and website, you’re now ready to create content.

What We Expect You To Do

Provide information such as:

  • Brand guidelines (tone, style, fonts, colors)
  • Images (logos, patterns, pictures of you or photoshoot if needed)
  • Core values
  • Products or services you offer
  • Details about current or future marketing campaigns
    Access to relevant accounts (Google Analytics, blog backend, etc.)

Step 2: Positioning

What We Do

In this step, we fill out what we call your StoryFlow. Your Producer (who is your point of contact throughout the process) will have two to four in-depth conversations with you to help you define the influence you’re looking to build. In those conversations, you and your Producer will:

  • Get epic clarity around your goals
  • Define your specific audience
  • Understand what resonates with your ideal customer
  • Clearly articulate your unique value proposition to develop your core message

Note: This takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks because we’ve got to make sure we absolutely nail this phase before moving forward. Having an accurate picture of your message and audience creates the bedrock for us to build upon.

What We Expect You To Do

Make yourself available for these conversations and be ready to dive deep and talk truth. Some of our clients realize they’ve never done this type of granular analysis before and are sometimes surprised at what they discover.

Step 3: Outlining

What We Do

Once you’ve completed your StoryFlow, it’s time to translate your message into an editorial content calendar. Your calendar will have space for you to contribute ideas that speak to your audience, matter to you, and highlight your expertise. Your Editor will use your contributions and topics from their own research to present you with 15 story pitches. You’ll then meet with your Producer, Managing Editor, and Editor to select 12 pieces for the upcoming quarter.

Each content piece is carefully crafted to simultaneously engage your audience and elevate your name to be an authority in your field. We repeat this process every quarter, making adjustments to keep up with industry trends, current events, audience engagement, and tweaks to your messaging strategy to keep your voice fresh and relevant.

What We Expect You To Do

Meet with us to go over your pitches and determine what to keep, what to scrap, and what to save for later. Review, comment, and approve the final content calendar each quarter within 1-2 days upon receipt.

Step 4: Capture

What We Do

It’s time for your interview debut!

You and your Editor will schedule phone interviews to talk about the topics on your editorial calendar. You’ll finally get to share your expertise (while we do the heavy lifting of editing, fine-tuning, and publishing!).

Consistency is key to building an audience over time. We schedule one article publication per week, so your Flow team will stay ahead of the calendar to ensure timely publication.

What We Expect You To Do

Arrive at your scheduled interview time. A 15-20-minute interview is enough for a single topic. Many clients prefer to cover two topics per scheduled phone call.

Step 5: Create

What We Do

Your Editor transcribes your interview and edits it into a long-form article. We retain your words and your voice, but use an editorial eagle-eye to make it clear, organized, interesting, and easy to consume online.

We then write custom status updates across social media platforms to drive traffic back to your blog post. Each status update gets a branded graphic sized and formatted for each platform.

What We Expect You To Do

Review the final edits of the long-form article within two business days. All of your tasks are recorded in a project management platform for easy planning and reference.

Step 6: Distribute

What We Do

We publish the long-form article to your blog, Medium, and LinkedIn accounts. Shorter statuses get posted to other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). The posting scheduled is driven by data collected from your actual social media followers. With the goal being to drive traffic to your blog, we include a link to the article in every status.

We encourage syndicating your articles to 3rd party sites. Should you arrange to do so with another publishing website, simply let us know to where and to whom we can email the article and related media assets.

What We Expect You To Do

Continue working on your talent. We’ll take care of marketing it.

Step 7: Analyze

What We Do

We collect, review, and analyze data across all social media and publishing platforms on a monthly basis. This includes measuring total search queries, audience growth, engagement, traffic to your website, and content efficiency. We send you a report by the 5th of every month.

What We Expect You To Do

Understand that content builds upon itself so the more faith, patience, and discipline you have, the better the long-term results.

Step 8: Blog to Book

What We Do

This is an optional add-on (details here). We can create a table of contents from the outset, review which blog articles performed well, identify the storyline running through those articles, and edit that content into a final manuscript. The content is already there — it makes sense to repurpose it and gain the credibility of having the title “Author” next to your name.

We’ll either create your content calendar with this goal in mind or use existing content written with Flow to edit into a book manuscript.

What We Expect You To Do

Be available for the editing process of turning your content into a book. This takes time, as your Editor will go through your articles with a fine-toothed comb. After your final manuscript is delivered, you can self-publish, shop it with major publishers, or outsource the publishing process to our partner.

Let’s talk about scaling your influence.