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A New Approach to Customer Service. Simple. Scalable. Profitable.

Whether you are a new company, have an in-house person or team, or even worked with one of those “other outsourcing companies”, we know it sucks. Flow is all about making customer service as hands-off as you’d like while turning your customers into raving fans. Here’s how it works.


Customized Onboarding

No matter what challenges you’re facing, our team has the right solutions and SOPs for your current size and needs. Our Implementation Lead will work with you/your team to develop the knowledge base, define your processes, and hire and train the best people to match with your company culture.


New Agent Learning System

We’ll document all your processes, build an internal knowledge base, and turn that into a course in our learning management system so that as you scale, training new hires will not be a bottleneck.


Performance Management

We treat your business as our own, so we track and monitor everything. We will assign a dedicated Team Lead to your account who will make sure your team of agents is driving revenue, resolving issues quickly and accurately, and that customers are raving about your support.


Analytics & Insights

We use data to look for opportunities to generate more revenue, increase throughput, and reduce operational costs. Believe it or not, we had to build our own app in order to create the kind of reporting that provides the most useful insights. Data is everywhere, but gleaning insights from that data is our specialty.

We Work With All Your Systems

Our Clients Aren’t Shy About Vouching for Us.

Whether you’re just getting launched or are scaling in the 8-figures, learn from some of our most successful Flow clients on how they grew their business through our profit-focused customer service center.

Whatever You Need, We Got You.

Flow CS Agents

Every Client Receives the Following:

24/7/365 coverage
Dedicated, US-based agents
Email, live chat, text, and more!
Highly-trained and unscripted
Revenue-focused to offset costs
White-glove customer service
Unlimited updates
Unlimited changes
Unlimited team access
Process creation
Systems configuration
Monthly reporting
Quality assurance
Quarterly business reviews
KPI compliance
Seasonal coverage
No setup fees
No annual contracts
No termination fees
Paid monthly

Build Your Dream CS Team.

We develop custom solutions for enterprise clients. Contact our team today to learn about creating customer service flow!

Optional Add-Ons.

Increase your throughput with these additional features:


Flow’s chatbots are built from your existing knowledge base. Use a chatbot to handle simple questions while still allowing visitors to chat with a live agent, use it for after-hours support, or both.

Knowledge Base

Create a self-service knowledge base by leveraging your internal one. Reduce tickets by allowing visitors to answer their own questions, help customers make a buying decision, and increase SEO rankings.

Our Agents

US-based, highly-skilled, and thrive in complexity.

These are just a few of our highly skilled and trained agents, ready to jump in and get to work for you. Engaging, professional agents who are laser-focused on providing an amazing customer experience.

Forrest S.

Forrest S.

“Customers want to be heard and have solutions tailored to them in real-time.”
Kristina W.

Kristina W.

“I love to make a real connection with customers because first impressions matter :)”
Teria T.

Teria T.

“I love nudging customers while answering their questions!”

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