I don't think I have enough to say to be a thought leader. How will I know?

We’ve found that most talented professionals are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. It’s not that they don’t have enough to say. It’s that they don’t have a sound strategy to harness their ideas. We get it. It’s hard to do. Defining and refining an expert messaging strategy requires significant upfront effort, not to mention all the ongoing maintenance required to sustain it. That said, the biggest hurdle thought leaders usually have comes down to this: not having the time, energy, or expertise to successfully broadcast their leadership in the digital age.

What if I have multiple interests that I'd like my personal brand to serve?

Perfect. Building your personal brand means you’re determining the ROI that matters to you – whether it’s driving leads to your business or building awareness for a cause you care deeply about. The key is getting the attention of your audience and being clear about what you do with it once you’ve got it.

Is the digital content my intellectual property? Will it be in my voice?

Yes. From start to finish, you are the sole author of all digital content. We use your wisdom and your voice to edit and produce content at scale. In fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way! We strive to have your voice flow through every piece of digital content we publish. You’ll have the opportunity to review article edits prior to publishing to ensure that your voice is captured just the way you want it.

What makes Flow different than PR?

Flow develops influencers who own their voice, platform, and content as intellectual property. PR can be a useful stratetgy, but only after Flow’s platform is built to convert readers onto your email list or follow you online. Otherwise, those readers are gone and the spike in attention is fleeting.

What makes Flow different than social media management?

Traditional social media management agencies share articles and quotes from other famous people. This doesn’t work if you’re an influencer because people want to know what YOU think and say, not what you think is cool about other people. All our content is 100% original because everything we post is in YOUR voice. The other primary difference is that Flow uses social media to build your awareness and to drive traffic to your site. Social media agencies tend to value vanity metrics such likes and comments. We all know likes and comments don’t drive ROI. Flow connects your social media strategy to your goals as an influencer.

What makes Flow different than content marketers?

Content marketing agencies are hired to write or curate articles on your behalf but they fail to actually sound like you. That’s because they don’t capture your ideas, stories, and wisdom. Flow’s 7-step process focuses on YOU: your stories, expertise, and voice. We don’t curate anything.

How do you decide which influencers you'll work with?

We want to make sure that building a platform and your influence makes sense for you. During our initial conversation we’ll spend time understanding what you’re interested in sharing or teaching, your areas of expertise, and who your audience is. We’ll also help flush out your goals to make sure there’s a clear path to ROI for you.

Am I a good fit for Flow?

Yes, if you’re not clear on why you want to become an influencer, then this isn’t a good fit. Also, those who prefer to write themselves won’t gain value from our methodology.

How long does it take before I start to see my content online?

Usually 1-2 months. It depends on how much of your platform needs to be built vs refreshed, and how available you are during the Build Platform phase.

Can I use my own writing?

Yes, as long as it fits within the content calendar and is at least 800-1,000 words long. If it is, we’ll edit it to work online and will continue our process from there. That said, most of Flow’s influencers find it faster to speak than to write.

Can I use past interviews?

Yes, TV and podcast interviews (for example) can be great content, but they need to work for you beyond awareness. The topics covered in these interviews should fit into your editorial calendar and you should be talking for at least 10 minutes (not including the interviewer talking).

What if I don't like my content?

We’ll work together to reverse engineer you. Collaboration and feedback are key to the process. We’ll rework articles and artwork to get it right.

Who designs the graphics? Do I give feedback on that?

We fully understanding your brand guidelines upfront and are able to design your graphics. That said, graphics are creative and you’re always welcome to let us know what you think. We’ll work to make any changes.

How much content is created?

Following our 7-step process, we guarantee that you’ll have four 800-1,500 word articles per month published on 3 platforms: your blog, LinkedIn, and Medium. We’ll create up to 25 social media statuses and graphics for each unique article. That’s 12 articles published and up to 100 social media assets per month.

What if I run out of things to say?

That’s the beauty of this whole system: you’ll never have to worry about running out of things to say. We take the sweat out of developing your personal brand so that you have the time to work on your talent and in your industry. Becoming a digital influencer means you’ll have more opportunities to grow your expertise in your field. You’ll be surprised how quickly “What if I run out of things to say?” turns into “I have so much I want to say.”


How do I make money being an influencer?

There are many paths to monetizing your influence and we’ll work with you to define this upfront. What we’re NOT doing is building an audience and driving traffic to your site and then running paid ads to your visitors. Some influencers run ads to their own products and services. Others use it to open doors to new prospects and to grow their networks. While others use it to collaborate with people they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to connect with.

How successful are the influencers you've worked with so far?

Our influencers have found success from their influence in a variety of ways: increased leads, higher speaking fees, new opportunities, and even running for Governor.

How long does it take for me to see an ROI?

This process typically takes 12-18 months because you’re building a platform and then content which by definition, builds upon itself to increase in value. Especially in the eyes of your audience and even Google. That said, you’ll receive monthly reporting so you can see progress along the way.

How can Flow help me increase conversions?

Yes! By generating awareness for your brand with a constant stream of traffic, you’ll increase opportunities to grow your business, land more speaking deals, book sales, etc. We even set up your blog specifically designed to increase conversions with email opt-ins and conversion offers. And we do have one trick up our sleeve if you’re interested: we also run a live chat agency so we can talk to your visitors on your behalf and convert this into leads.

Content Creation

I have a podcast/vlog already, can I use Flow to just create the content from that?

Yes! We love podcasts and vlogs and can certainly create long form articles and social media assets from them.

Can I just use Flow to create the content outline for me?

No, we don’t actually charge separately for a content outline because like any meaningful goal, we believe a plan is required. This plan is part of our value-add service, like a financial plan for someone investing your money. But the plan means nothing if it can’t be executed correctly and that’s our expertise.


Can I use Flow to create the content and keep a separate firm to do my social media?

You can, but you would want to ensure that they are executing a different strategy that also benefits you. If they are operating a similar strategy once they receive content, you’ll still be paying us and you’ll be paying them. It doesn’t make sense to have that redundant cost unless they’re executing a different strategy than us.

Will you support me with email marketing?

Yes and no. We create the content for your newsletter based on our current process and utilizing the assets we’re creating, but we won’t do customized email marketing or automation. Basically, if you want us to repurpose what we’ve created for you, we’re happy to do so.


Can I have Flow handle phone calls to leads (outbound and inbound)?

No, we aren’t in the business of handling phone calls but if your website is generating over 1,000 visitors per month with a purchase value of $1,000+, then we can discuss implementing live chat to convert more of your visitors.

Do you run paid advertising campaigns?

No, we do not run paid advertising campaigns but are happy to refer you to a trusted partner who does. They can also help you build funnels, lead magnets, landing pages, ads, and tracking ability.

I want to become an influencer but can't afford Flow's services. What should I do?

Read through our blog content, subscribe to our email, and follow us online to get all the content you need to execute the process on your own and stay up-to-date with changes in the marketplace that may affect you.

Do you work in different languages?

No, right now we only work in English.

Why does Flow use an apprenticeship model?

We believe the apprenticeship model is the best opportunity we have to create a sustainable solution for a rapidly evolving economy. We believe in this so strongly that we define our purpose as such: to accelerate Colorado’s initiative for statewide youth apprenticeships. Flow’s apprenticeship model fills in the cracks left by education, enterprise, and government. We elevate opportunities for youth apprentices by identifying skills demanded by the current labor marketing, a curriculum required to learn those skills, and the internal training needed to master them.

Personal Branding

Who will be working on my brand?

Each client has a crew working on their brand that may include a Producer, Editor, Creative Director, Developer, Graphic Designer, Transcriber, Growth Hacker, and Data Analysts. Depending on the needs of your personal brand, we may add additional crew like Live Chat Agent and Email Marketer.

Will you build my website?

No, we don’t build websites but we are happy to refer you to a trusted developer who will build, repair, and routinely refresh your website. From there, we step in and to set up your blog since this where you’ll build your audience. This includes: creating a blog template using best practices, adding plugins that ensure you’re optimizing the SEO and speed of your blog, formatting the blog to strategically place email opt-in forms, and creating and placing advertisements to your products and services

Will you come up with my logo, colors, brand guidelines?

Yes, we can do this for you in-house and it would be part of the Platform phase buildout. Additional costs will be quoted.

Will you write content for my website?

Yes and no. We create content that goes into the blog on your website, but we don’t write the copy for the rest of your web pages.

How does Flow help determine my audience?

We use a proven persona development process that, in a nutshell, looks like this: We start by flushing out a list of ideas as they pertain to your goals as an influencer. We clean, segment, and organize that list. From there, we pick 1-3 personas based on a series of rules that have been proven to drive results. Finally, we build personalized persona worksheets that fully represent your audience and use data to derive additional insights.

How does Flow help decide my messaging?

Messaging happens after determining your goals and audience. The best way to approach messaging is to attack from all angles. That’s why we use a variety of different strategies to decide your messaging. These include: identifying your unique value proposition, aligning your purpose with your goals, articulating your mission, and narrowing down on your niche. Your message is and will always be authentically yours. No exceptions. Our job is to help you find that message and channel it for good.