Last year, we were pumped to become a certified B Corp and join more than 2,000 companies to achieve a unified goal: to use business as a force for good. 

A year later, we are stoked to announce B Lab has nominated us as a Best for the World 2019 Honoree for our digital apprenticeship model!

What is a B Corp Honoree? 

Every year, B Lab recognizes the top-performing Certified B Corporations around the world with verified B Impact Assessment scores in the top 10% of all B Corps. Separate lists honor companies with the best overall scores, best scores for each individual category in the BIA, and companies that made the greatest improvement (Changemakers). – B Lab

In other words, as a B Corp Honoree, Flow scored in the top 10th percentile of B Corps that are making big impacts in their community!

We’re so grateful to be considered changemakers and leaders in our field. Thank you, B Corp!  

Best for The World, Not Just Best in The World

Ultimately, being a B Corp Honoree is aligned with our grand plan to do well while doing good. In B Lab’s words, we do what is Best for the World, rather than be the Best in the World (though we’re pretty damn spiffy, too).

Flow’s digital apprenticeship model revolves around positively impacting employees, clients, communities, and the environment. B Corp status means that we are legally committed to making sure Flow is a force of meaningful change. 

During Flow’s creation, we were determined to make a lasting influence. Donating to charity was an option, but what we really wanted to do was create a sustainable solution for Colorado’s economy and education system. That’s when our digital marketing apprenticeship model was born. Our live chat agency funds our apprenticeship program, which gives jobs to underserved youth while teaching them in-demand digital marketing skills. This, in turn, encourages economic growth by placing them in jobs with top-tier companies. 

Kody Gaulden, now in the second year of her digital marketing apprenticeship, says, “Working at a company that is pushing for my development and success is life-changing. Apprenticeships are not standard in America but they should be; what a fantastic opportunity!” 

Brittany Barney, Flow’s newest apprentice (closing out her first year), notices that “Flow’s unique apprenticeship model has allowed me to try my hand at different skill areas in the content marketing field and gain vocational credentials that I’ll be able to carry with me into future endeavors for years to come.”

We’ve always been proud of our purpose-driven business, and we’re so grateful B Lab recognizes our work in the field! As an honoree, we’re a part of B Hive, an online B Corp community where we can network with our fellow honorees. We’re excited to collaborate and join forces with like-minded companies to expand movements and do what’s best for the world at an accelerated pace. 

Why It Matters to Work With B Corps Like Flow

As a part of the top 10% of businesses to amplify positive change, we’re pumped to know our model is working. 

To us, nothing is more meaningful than giving back to our community. Our live chat agency and apprenticeship programs help close education and poverty gaps in Colorado. We get so much joy and fulfillment, growing bright minds and watching them flourish in their careers as project managers, writers, leaders, and more. 

“When I started off with this apprenticeship, I knew it was a good opportunity, but I never knew exactly the scope of what I was yet to learn,” says Persephone Tenorio, Flow’s very first apprentice. “This has given me more valuable skills for both my professional and personal life than I anticipated and more than I could’ve hoped for. It’s more than just the skills you learn, though. I have a team of incredibly compassionate and talented co-workers that support me through so much and I’m glad that Flow is getting the recognition that it truly deserves.”

Partnering with a B Corp means YOU also do what is best for the world. You play an integral role in impacting and enriching communities in myriad ways, enhancing life for people and the environment, and encouraging economic growth. 

By working with us, you directly help improve Colorado’s education system and end the poverty cycle. If you’re interested in learning more about our B Corp Honoree status or working with us, reach out to Flow