How does a medical clinic with good website traffic but flatlining conversion rates turn more website visitors into customers? They get Flow’s Live Chat to help drive conversion.

In the year following their adoption of Flow’s Live Chat, Advanced Pain Care increased its average monthly users from 7,500 to 10,500. Their conversion rate has grown from 4.28% to 6.29%! According to Hector Thomas at Advanced Pain Care, “the leads from online traffic have been converting at a 50% better rate than before we hired Flow.”

Advanced Pain Care operates 11 pain management clinics and two surgical centers across Texas. Their mission is to help their clients manage chronic pain and they’ve treated thousands of patients since opening in 2002. 

Before they contracted with Flow, the company had already made efforts to increase their website traffic via TV, radio, print, and digital display ads. They also employed video, search, and social media. Each of these played a substantial role in driving qualified traffic to the company website.

The traffic was coming in, but their average conversion rate remained flat. As Thomas explains, “We just weren’t closing the loop as effectively as we wanted.”

Thomas knew they needed a better solution to close visitors into booked appointments. Initially, they updated their website to include cleaner forms, more available phone numbers, and other contact info as well as shorter navigation steps. But many of their users were still leaving without booking.

They realized that a chat option would be useful and started exploring some options.

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“Much of what we found was automated, generic, or not HIPAA-compliant. That is, they did not offer patient privacy protections,” says the analyst.

Then they found Flow Live Chat.

“It was refreshingly different and the exact answer we were looking for,” says Thomas.

Flow effectively onboarded the company with what the analyst describes as a surprising level of detail and organization.

“They were very thoughtful in their approach. Flow asked a ton of questions to make sure they got it right, ran test chats, worked with us on the graphic display, and more,” explains Thomas.

“Every person at every level,” he adds, “has been responsive, polite, and effective. Flow is a dream crew!”

Flows chats are staffed by U.S.-based native English speakers highly trained in the business they are representing. This allows Flow’s chat staff to respond to customers as though they are employees of your company. 

With the chat feature seamlessly installed at the clinic, management began to see immediate results. The patient and clinic feedback were also overwhelmingly positive.

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Thomas calls the results incredible. “We’ve seen several chats where the visitor came in cold, just looking, and the chat team got them booked. We shudder to think of how many of those we lost in the past.” 

The company also found the chat to be an invaluable resource as a supplement to their phone lines, which can experience long wait times. The chat team handles many of their requests, and visitors often abandon the phone lines because their needs were resolved via chat.

The company continues to do its part to increase year-over-year traffic with their marketing ads. However, their conversion rate is now growing with their traffic. This means they’re doing more with the traffic they’ve paid for and getting more for their money.

“Our investment in Flow Live Chat services has been a key part of our growth,” says Thomas. “We don’t know how we lived without this!”

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