What is Flow’s

Live Chat


01 Kickstart

We start with a Kickstart meeting to review the implementation plan. Then we gather information from three sources of data to build your knowledge base and live chat strategy: FAQs and analytics, key stakeholder interviews, and our review of your website. These sources of information allow us to represent your company with integrity and create a strategy that delivers results.

02 Knowledge Base

Once we’ve gathered all the information, we create and organize content needed to properly train our agents. This content is written in the form of 150+ point FAQ and reviewed for accuracy by the client. These are not scripts; they are to ensure we build and retain knowledge.

03 Messaging Strategies

Using our proven conversion method, we pull all of the data together to create a personalized conversation flow that is natural, helpful, and sales-driven.

04 Proactive Chat Strategy

We will put together a proactive chat strategy to engage 67-85% more visitors than those who initiate the chat themselves. More chats mean more conversions.

05 Customization

Your brand assets, from your logo all the way down to your color palette, are used to customize the live chat icon and chat box look to and feel like it’s coming from your internal team.

06 Testing

Our chat agents undergo thorough testing on every aspect of your business including your website, knowledge base, and messaging strategies and are required to pass with 100% accuracy. Prior to launch, we perform internal test chats as well as test chats with your team to iron out any final details.

07 Go Live

Once the team is fully trained, we email you a snippet of code to place into your website and we’re live!

08 Account Management

Your live chat is online! Now, we carefully monitor chat transcripts, traffic data, and conversion rates to continually update your knowledge base and refine our messaging. We will provide monthly reporting along with key insights.

09 After-hours Chatbot

A must for websites with high after-hours traffic. Flow’s chatbots can handle an unlimited number of requests in your business’ off-hours. We continuously improve your bot’s responses with AI and machine learning technology. Learn more.


That was the 50,000 ft view. If you’d like to get more granular on the process and what to expect at each phase, read on:

How the Flow Live Chat Process Works

Step 1: Kickstart

What We Do

We will schedule a Kickstart meeting to go through the implementation plan which is accessible and fully transparent via our project management system. You will always know the real-time status of the implementation process, what is on our plate, and the few tasks we need your help with.

What We Expect You To Do

Provide information such as:

  • Products or services you offer
  • HIPAA requirement (if applicable)
  • Overall tone to use with customers
  • Images (logos, patterns, pictures of you)
  • Brand guidelines (tone, style, fonts, colors)
  • Existing FAQs or canned statements (if available)
  • Access to your Google Analytics and website backend
  • Sales enablement and customer service training documents

Step 2: Knowledge Base

What We Do

First, our team studies your website to create a list of your customers’ likely FAQ, then writes responses that provide exceptional service while moving them down the sales funnel. We take the information you provided such as a list of FAQs, customer service canned statements, sales enablement documents, and anything else you throw our way. We also include any supplemental materials (logos, videos, etc.) that help our agents learn your business inside and out.

What We Expect You To Do

Review, revise, and finalize the FAQ we’ve identified based on your website and brand materials. This document is the pillar of your live chat strategy so we’re looking for accuracy and thoroughness of the questions and answers.

Step 3: Messaging Strategies

What We Do

Our next step is to create your messaging strategy which is a workflow that involves a three-point process:

  1. Engage with visitors by being friendly, picking up on what they’re saying, acknowledging their intent, and commenting to provide a human touch.
  2. Identify where your visitors are in the process — some enter in the awareness phase, others are evaluating options, and some are ready to purchase. Additionally, some have already purchased and fall into the category of support.
  3. Match your visitors’ needs with the solutions you have to offer and provide it in a personalized manner. All the while, we ask questions to qualify the visitor to ensure we hand off a valuable lead.

What We Expect You To Do

Review and finalize all messaging strategies with special attention to the FAQ and conversation path.

Step 4: Proactive Chat Strategy

What We Do

One of the things our clients are most surprised about is that 67-85% of all chats come from our proactive strategies, whereas only 33% are reactive (initiated by the visitor). Depending on where someone is in their journey, you’re going to need a headline that captures their attention.

The whole purpose of the opening chat message is the same as with headlines: to get your visitor to read the next line. That increase in chat engagements means, in a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to move someone from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel — a process that takes weeks or months to cultivate via email.

What We Expect You To Do

Review the proactive chat headlines and provide your feedback.

Step 5: Customization

What We Do

Your logos, fonts, and brand colors are used to create icons and color schemes that blend seamlessly with your website. We will custom design “here” and “away” chat icons to look as subtle or prominent as you’d like. The chat box will look and feel like it’s coming from your internal team for the best customer experience. If you have HIPAA requirements, we’ll configure the backend to be in compliance.

What We Expect You To Do

Review and provide feedback on chat icons and chat box design.

Step 6: Testing

What We Do

The testing phase is what makes Flow Live Chat heads above the competitors. We employ 100% U.S.-based, native-English speakers as agents and conduct in-depth testing on your website, knowledge base, and messaging strategies. We perform internal test chats mimicking your customer personas, as well as test chats with your team to iron out the final details. This ensures our agents are engaging, knowledgeable, accurate, and converting.

What We Expect You To Do

Schedule at least two 30-minute testing sessions with our agents. Feel free to invite multiple team members and ask tough questions. The more you can throw at us, the better we’re equipped to handle even the most challenging chat scenarios!

Step 7: Go Live

What We Do

Once the team’s test chat phase is approved, we are ready to go live. A snippet of code is provided to you to add to the footer of your website. Once entered, our team will be online and available to engage your website visitors. We can send you the code in advance of the go-live date to test on a staging site as well.

What We Expect You To Do

Enter a snippet of code into your website’s footer prior to the go-live date.

Step 8: Account Management

What We Do

Our team and yours will receive a transcript for every chat that comes through. This allows us to perform continual QC and knowledge base refinement. As new questions arise, we’ll further develop your FAQ and disseminate important updates to our team. You will also receive monthly reporting to show you the total number of chats, the percentage converted into leads, and details of every chat. Should you have multiple agencies, we’ll happily collaborate and share insights with them. We find that transcripts reveal content strategies that can be helpful to grow traffic.

What We Expect You To Do

Provide updated verbiage if any responses need to be revised. Be prompt with updating us on any business news or website changes that are relevant to our chat team. Most of all, enjoy your increased leads! Our typical conversion rate is 15 – 25%, depending on the quality of traffic.

Step 9: After-hours Chatbot

What We Do

Even when the chat team is offline, Flow can continue to provide customer service and capture qualified leads with an after-hours chatbot. We use your existing knowledge base to program and customize your bot’s responses. As we monitor real chatbot transcripts, our AI and machine-learning technology will continuously improve your bot, enabling it to accurately respond to about 80% of questions.

What We Expect You To Do

Feel free to review chatbot transcripts and provide suggestions for improved responses. Otherwise, there’s nothing for you to do but enjoy 24/7 support and lead gen!

Let’s talk about the complexities of your business and see if our agents can help.