Convert more of your website visitors into qualified leads.

Flow Live Chat helps you convert more of the traffic you’ve already paid for — with a team of live chat agents who know your business almost as well as you do.

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Every month, thousands of your visitors abandon your site. Flow starts conversations that help convert them instead.

If your value of sale is $1,000+ and you’re not converting enough visitors,
Flow is the smartest marketing investment you could make. Here’s why.



More chats means more leads. We build proactive chats with headlines that get your visitors chatting.



We increase the number chat conversions by guiding visitors down the funnel.



By converting more of you website visitors, you increase the sales qualified leads without lifting a finger.


Target the lowest-hanging fruit in your marketing

Unlike other marketing channels, live chat targets the visitors you’ve already paid for — who’d otherwise be lost forever. Flow’s the missing link to scoring the easiest marketing wins you’ll ever get.


Only get leads when they’re fully qualified

Not every customer wants to buy on their first visit. (Would you?) Over several personalized chats, Flow automatically nurtures your leads — then hands them to you when they’re ready.


Harvest market data that’s worth its weight in gold

Find out what your customers are asking about — in their words! Flow gives you transcripts of every conversation, so you can steal your customers’ language to hypercharge your marketing.


Fully trackable, measurable results

Flow isn’t a blind investment. We agree with you up-front what your goals are — then prove we’re hitting them with monthly reporting and optional account management. So you know we’re delivering.


Complex business? No sweat — we’re pretty smart.

Flow agents are Sandler®-trained, Colorado-based, and have the skills and experience to learn your business almost as well as you know it — fast. We’re like the live-chat-expert employees you never had.


Quicker and easier than you think

You’re way too busy to spend time building a knowledgebase for us. So we use our vast experience and initiative to do most of the heavy lifting on our own — then just get you to review it. Easy.


46% faster response, 98% customer satisfaction, 76% higher engagement

Live chat beats other marketing channels. And Flow beats other live chat providers (including DIY chat software). Our metrics crush global averages everywhere it matters — meaning happier customers and more revenue for you.

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