What is



01 Platform

Our Developer audits your blog, social media profiles, and backend tools to identify where you may be losing awareness and traffic. They will then build, repair, or refresh your platform.

02 Positioning

Our Producer discusses your ideas and goals, helps you define your audience, decides whether a video or audio series is right for you, and identifies your exact message.

03 Outlining

Our Editor turns all your ideas into a tight, professional content calendar, sets deadlines, holds you accountable, and monitors analytics and trends in your niche to develop next quarter’s content calendar.

04 Capture

You use the outline as a guide to produce a weekly or bi-weekly series, and get all the knowledge and wisdom out of your head and onto a recording via a video or audio series.

05 Create

Our Editor translates your show into long-form articles, status updates, and an email digest made of your words and your voice. Our Designers create images and clips for all your platforms.

06 Distribute

Our Growth Hackers tailor your social media campaign to you to ensure your content is seen by the right audience and helps achieve your established goals.

07 Analyze

Our Data Analysts will send you a monthly performance report so you know how your content performed, growth of audience, and levels of engagement.


That was the 50,000 ft view. If you’d like to get more granular on the process and what to expect at each phase, read on:

How the Flow Process Works

Step 1: Platform

What We Do

The first step begins with ensuring your digital platform is built correctly. We take your website and ensure your blog is setup correctly since this is your hub. It’s where you build your audience. This includes:

  1. Creating a blog template using best practices
  2. Adding SEO plugins that ensure your blog is up to speed and up to date
  3. Formatting the blog to strategically place email opt-in forms
  4. Creating and placing advertisements to your products and services

With your blog ready to rock, we then move to auditing your social media profiles. We’ll create/refresh your brand identity and write the content for those profiles. Then we’ll connect your profiles to advertising accounts so that you’re able to set a budget to boost content that’s working.

By matching your brand identity to your social media profiles and website, you’re now ready to create content.

What We Expect You To Do

Provide information such as:

  • Brand guidelines (tone, style, fonts, colors)
  • Images (logos, patterns, pictures of you)
  • Core values
  • Products or services you offer
  • Details about current or future marketing campaigns
  • Connect to our platform (website, social media accounts, Google Analytics)

Step 2: Positioning

What We Do

The next step starts with what we call “The Message” playbook. Your Producer (who is your point of contact throughout the process) will have four in-depth conversations with you to help you define the influence you’re looking to build. In those conversations, you and your Producer will:

  1. Get epic clarity around your goals
  2. Define your specific audience
  3. Understand what resonates with your ideal customer
  4. Clearly articulate your unique value proposition to develop your core message

Note: This takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks because we’ve got to make sure we absolutely nail this phase before moving forward. Having an accurate picture of your message and audience creates the bedrock for us to build upon.

What We Expect You To Do

Make yourself available for these four conversations. Ideally, we’d do one a week but understand that your schedule may require this to stretch out a bit longer.

Step 3: Outlining

What We Do

Once you’ve completed The Message playbook, it’s time to translate your message and audience into a Content Outline.

We start by looking at your message and identifying the main themes.

Then, we take those themes and figure out:

Q: What are the subsets of this big picture idea?
Q: What different aspects would we want to explore?
Q: What are the pillar concepts to build content around?

The next step is for us to consider your audience persona and what they really want to know.

Q: Do they want how-to’s?
Q: Do they want more general information (news and research)?
Q: What are they searching for that aligns with your expertise?

We ensure there’s something for everyone in your audience.

Once we have the sub-pillars in place, we determine the keyword families and vet those keywords with various research tools to figure out what actually ranks.

From there, we build the first quarter’s editorial calendar by organizing your message, pillars, and keywords. Our strategy is to ‘organic traffic’ your way for years to come so that you’re able to advertise your products and services to your audience.

This builds over time, but by organizing your content and ranking the keywords with the highest relevancy to your offerings, you’ll see the benefit of building an audience greater than you could have imagined.

We’ll wrap all of this up into your very own quarterly content calendar and send it to you for review. We’ll repeat this process every quarter to ensure the keywords stay on target with your message, monitor industry trends, and make adjustments based on what’s resonating with your audience.

We take the guesswork out of what to say and allow your talent to really shine.

What We Expect You To Do

Review, comment, and approve the content calendar each quarter within 1-2 days upon receipt.

Step 4: Capture

Consistency is key so coming up with a set schedule is important, but we know you need flexibility, too. You just let us know how much accountability you’d like and we’re happy to gently remind you…or crack that whip!

What We Do

For video or audio shows: we eagerly anticipate a message from you in our inbox (clients@feelmeflow.com) that says, “Here’s the link to download or view my episode!” We’ll provide you with guidelines and what to buy to record your own show, taking tech guesswork out of the equation. If you choose to have your show edited in any manner, that will be something you’ll have to contract on your own as we don’t make edits to the file or to your show.


For phone interviews: we’ll set a recurring day/time for 10-30 minutes and someone on our team will interview you on that week’s topic. We’ll use the same dial-in number and each call will automatically be recorded. Our team will receive that recording.

What We Expect You To Do

Use the headlines in the content calendar to plan your episode. You may want to prepare bullet points, references, or recall stories. Record your show and provide us a download link to: clients@feelmeflow.com.

Step 5: Create

What We Do

We’ll transcribe your episode and edit it into a long-form article. We retain your words and your voice, but we turn it into something that grabs your audience’s attention from the opening line (we call it ‘greasing the chute’). We’ll provide the article with context and clarity, and format it for easy consumption.

We then write up to 24 custom status updates across all social media platforms – again using your words – and editing it so that it packs a punch that’s contextually relevant to that platform. The point is to drive traffic from social media back to your article.

We’ll then create custom quotable images, video clips (if you’re doing video), Instagram Stories, and custom size everything so that it works contextually for each platform.

What We Expect You To Do

Review the final edits of the long-form article within 1 day. If you prefer to reword a few phrases, you can go ahead and make those changes. The changes you make to the article are final, so we caution you to avoid over-editing. Send us a quick email once you’ve finished reviewing the article. This will tell our team that the article is ready for publishing!

Step 6: Distribute

What We Do

We publish the long-form article to your blog as well as your Medium and LinkedIn accounts. Then we determine a posting schedule for your social media statuses, tailoring every status to ensure that it’s seen by your target audience at the right time on the right platform. With the goal being to drive traffic to your website, we also include a link to the article in every status.

For video shows: we upload the video episode to YouTube, Google+, and Facebook along with a description of the episode and a link to your blog.

We encourage syndicating your articles to 3rd party sites. Should you arrange to do so with another publishing website, simply let us know to where and to whom we can email the article and header image. We’ll add an author byline with a link to your website for all syndicated articles.

What We Expect You To Do

Continue working on your talent. We’ll take care of marketing it.

Step 7: Analyze

What We Do

We collect, review, and analyze data across all social media and publishing platforms on a weekly basis. We’ve strategically aligned specific data points with your content goals. This includes measuring total search queries, audience growth, traffic to your website, and content efficiency. We send you a report on the 5th of every month. You’ll receive our Dashboard report — a detailed sheet of all the essential numbers we’re tracking.

What We Expect You To Do

Understand that content builds upon itself so the more faith, patience, and discipline you have, the better the long-term results.

We want to hear about your expertise!

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